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Create your processes, checklists and audits. iflares arranges it daily, it warns you about the non-compliances and creates reports of your brand´s excellence

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1_ The brand facilitates your processes

Checklists, audits, forms, legal and sanitary plans, cleaning plans… If you don´t have them, we will create them for you!

2_ They are configured in our system

Schedules of process launchings, time needed to carry them out, profiles in charge of the tasks.
We classify the tasks by importance, type…

3_ We install it in each business unit

You only need one HUE lamp and a mobile device with internet connection.

4_iflares takes care of everything

Every day the tasks to be completed will be launched atomatically: daily tasks, weekly tasks, monthly tasks…

5_ iflares manages for you

If the lamp is turned off… relax!
If it goes green… there is something to do.
If it turns yellow… something starts to be urgent.
If it changes to red… well, something is not done!

6_Enter from your mobile phone or tablet

The tasks assigned to you will appear. Indicate which ones you have done and which ones not… everything will be recorded.
If you want, attach photos to confirm your work


1_ When something is not done

The persons in charge will receive an e-mail warning that a task has not been completed in set time frame.

2_ Control panel

Every morning you will receive by e-mail reports of operative excellence of each business unit, area, brand…

3_ Control your processes on time

Guarantee the satisfaction of your clients: the know-how which you have developed runs correctly

4_ Analyse deviations

Through iflares you will know which processes are the most problematic and which employees, business units or areas respect most your know-how.


1_Decide which audits you carry out

Brand, cleaning, franchise, internal Mystery Shopper…
We can help you create them!

2_ They are configured in our system

We set up jointly the importance of each incident and the affected “tags”.

3_Available worldwilde

Creating an audit accessible from any mobile device with internet connection

4_ Document by photographs

When you carry out one audit, you will only have to mark the points with incidents and, if you wish, add photos and comments.

5_HASH signature

After it is completed, you can request an approval from the auditee. A HASH signature with forensic validity will be created!

6_The report: automatic!

Just one click. Analyse according to the gravity of the incidents and areas they affect. Get to know your brand´s excellence. Global and detailed information.




You will be able to stay up to date with happenings in your business units.

You will reduce training costs.


You will not depend on the knowledge of your staff.

numero_4You will eliminate the papers from your business units.


You will give support to your managers or franchisees.


You will get a global or detailed knowledge of your know-how.


Your audits will get a HASH signature with forensic validity.


You will update on a global scale all your checklists.


You will have a real vision of each business unit, area, brand…


You will simplify your new openings and organise effectively your expansion.



iflares works with Philips Hue


  • Maite Icart Territory Director. Virgin Active Iberia

    For Virgen Active the implementation of iflares has entailed a qualitative leap when it comes to controling and managing all the processes and incidents in real time and guaranteeing the brand standards improvement at the company level.

  • Antoni BachillerDirector. El Racó.

    iflares is like the wrapping and the bow of a very valuable content and important to us, it is a vehicle that puts within reach of whole organisation the visualization of basic operations for our better management.

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